New Bojangles 2 For $5 Offer【Sausage & Egg Biscuits Deal】

Are you someone who loves to try relishing South-style food at great deals? Well, then this article which gives details of Bojangles 2 for $5 deal is for you. Bojangles is famous for their amazing south-style curated fried chicken and biscuits which are served with a great quality that adds value to your money. And this 2 for $5 deal is an exceptional deal for tasty items this restaurant offers you for five dollars.

Bojangles 2 For $5

With such an awesome deal in your hands hand, why do we have to settle for just one item when you can have two? So, keep reading this detailed article to discover what is hidden behind this unbeatable deal now.

What is Bojangles 2 For $5 deal?

The Bojangles 2 For $5 deal offers you an incredible chance to enjoy two relishing items for just five bucks from your pockets! Each item that Bojangles serves on to the table on this deal is a promise to their quality and value to your money.

Every dish is completely packed with flavour and will leave you wanting more of it. So, gather your pals and grab five bucks while you head over to Bojangles to enjoy this fantastic deal today.

What is on the Bojangles 2 For $5 Menu?

We are all familiar with the fact that Bojangles Menu specializes in featuring you buttermilk biscuits which are yummy and crispy. While talking about the Bojangles 2 For $5 Menu is completely simple yet satisfying and amazes you for choice of food it offers. So, check out the details of menu here.

  • Sausage & Egg Biscuits

The Sausage and egg biscuits from Bojangles are perfectly made up of a juicy patty along with folded eggs served on the buttermilk biscuits. This dish is incredibly savoury and is worth trying any time. So, use this deal to try two items at the price of five dollars at Bojangles today.

Is Bojangles 2 For $5 deal still available?

The Bojangles 2 For $5 deal is a limited-time offer which is available in all participating locations. You can take advantage of this deal by only visiting them and ordering your food offline as this offer isn’t available online. So, next time your stomach strikes with hunger, use this deal to grab a quick bite at Bojangles.

Latest Deals in Bojangles

If you’re a great fan of Bojangles and looking for some great deals, then here is something you need to know!  Bojangles constantly offers new deals and promotions to satisfy your food cravings with best quality and quantity. So, here are a few deals to checkout.

  • Bojangles BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Bojangles Carolina Gold Chicken Sandwich

Bojangles is known for offering you various Sandwiches and Biscuits at an affordable price with great taste. So, you can find Bojangles BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Bojangles Carolina Gold Chicken Sandwich along with your selection of drink starting at a great price. This is for a limited time.


The Bojangles 2 For $5 deal is an incredible offer which provides value for money you spend on your food items. With various options available on Bojangles menu there’s something for everyone to enjoy and make your visit memorable. Have a great day everyone.

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