What is Taco Bueno 3 For $6? Tacos, Burritos, Platters Deal

Well, have you ever thought of trying something new while passing your nearest Taco Bueno? Then, here is a new fantastic limited-time offer that is worth-trying at Taco Bueno with your family today. The Taco Bueno 3 For $6 deal is an irresistible offer by Taco Bueno which allows you to mix and match their signature items at a reasonable price.

Taco Bueno 3 For $6

So, if you’re in mood to have some cheesy tacos or burritos, be certain to check out the Taco Bueno 3 for $6 Menu to indulge yourselves in their classic flavours. Now, explore this article to know more about what this deal offers you.

What is Taco Bueno 3 For $6?

Well, honestly with this deal you can find your plate filled with three mouth-watering Tex-Mex flavour dishes, at an unbeatable price of just $6. So, that’s what the Taco Bueno 3 for $6 deal offers you.

Although, this deal is a limited-time offer it allows you to mix and match from their selection of options featured on Taco Bueno 3 for $6 Menu. Now it’s time for you to use this perfect opportunity to try both tacos and burritos at an amazing price today.

Taco Bueno 3 For $6 Menu

From simple refried bean burritos to chips and queso there are plenty of options that Taco Bueno Menu offers you along with their excellent dining experience. But, according to Taco Bueno 3 for $6 deal, you can select any three items per order at a time. So, know more details about the items on Taco Bueno 3 for $6 Menu here.

  • Bean Burrito

All of us love the Bean burrito for its original taste of refried beans. This Burrito at Taco Bueno simply comes with cheddar cheese, chili sauce which are wrapped inside a tortilla.

This is a perfect combination for all the Burrito lovers out there.

  • Beef Taco

This dish is composed of ground beef which is topped with tomatoes and lettuce. The cheese added on top is simple yet adds the creamy texture to this dish. Now, this is served inside a crunchy corn shell to give you a perfect texture of crisp.

  • Beef Muchaco

Beef Muchacho at Taco Bueno is made up of bread, which is super soft and topped with beef meat, refried beans and vegetables like tomato and lettuce. This is served with shredded cheese to make it creamy. This dish is relishing and you can try this out for during your lunch or dinner.

  • Chips & Guacamole

This dish at Taco Bueno are made of tortilla crunchy chips and fresh guacamole which comes from perfectly sliced and chopped vegetables like avocados, tomatoes and onions.

  • Chimichanga cheesecake

Chimichanga Cheesecake at Taco Bueno is a Cheese cake which is wrapped inside a tortilla that is fried and powdered with sugar. This is an incredible dessert for anyone with sweet tooth out there.

Is Taco Bueno 3 For $6 still available?

Good news is that this limited-time deal is still available at many participating Taco Bueno locations. You can use this incredible value deal which is available only online on their website. So, take an advantage of this deal today and enjoy Taco Bueno’s signature items like tacos, burritos, and more.

Latest Deals in Taco Bueno

If you are a fan of Tex-Mex food and looking for deals that saves money on your favourite food then here are a few deals that Taco Bueno offers. So, check out these latest deals at Taco Bueno to mix and match their signature recipes.

  • Taco Bueno Chicken Taquitos with New Jalapeño Ranch deal

With this deal you can find a Taquito Platter, which costs $9.99. This deal offers many items like Chicken Taquitos, Tacos, and drink along with their ranch dip at a reasonable price. Find more details about this deal on their official website to make a use of this offer.


Finally, let it be a crispy taco or a tasty burrito, Taco Bueno is always a great place to enjoy Mexican style food with your loved ones. We hope this article has provided you all the details of Taco Bueno 3 for $6 deal. So, head over to your nearest Taco Bueno to have a Taco with a lemonade today!

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