Are Popeyes Fries Vegan? Vegetarian Options at Popeyes

If you are a strict vegan and craving for something appetizing then Popeyes Kitchen will not disappoint you. Popeyes is one of the fast food restaurants which always comes to mind when it comes to a delicious meal.

If you are thinking ‘Are Popeyes Fries Vegan?’ then you don’t need to worry as we are here to answer this question. In fact, we will provide you with more details about vegan options at Popeyes. So, continue reading this article to know about them

Are Popeyes French Fries Vegan?

No, Popeyes French fries are not considered vegan because they are prepared using pig lard. Vegans always consider cross-contamination as a major risk when they go out to eat in fast food places.

If you are plant-based then it is recommended to avoid Popeyes French fries as they may be fried in animal fat. Even if the fries are frizzled in palm oil, they cannot be treated as vegan as there are chances of cross-contamination.

Also, regular fries contain cholesterol which is derived from the fat of animals. So, it’s advisable to avoid Popeyes French fries and go for other possible options for a good appetite.

What are Some Vegan Options at Popeyes?

All your longings will be fulfilled if you are looking for a pleasant vegan friendly meal because Popeyes is there to provide you with multiple vegan options. So, let’s have a look at them.

Mashed Potatoes – The first option in the Popeyes vegan menu is mashed potatoes which is a satisfying option to begin with. All the potatoes consist of cream, butter and milk which is entirely vegan-friendly.

Popeyes Burger – Popeyes burger is a great option for a vegan meal with a fine texture and taste. It is prepared without the usage of animal-derived products. Moreover, you can add vegan cheese, ketchup and avocado to the burger for a catchy flavor.

Grits – Grits is a healthy and a decent choice for vegans which is made with either water or milk. Rest you need to make sure not to add butter cheese or any animal-based ingredient in the grits.

Vegan Sauces – Popeyes vegan sauces are sufficient enough to make any tedious food stuff rousing and luscious Though Popeyes have provided various sauces like cocktail sauce and dipping sauce but its Buffalo Bayou is worth appreciating. Popeyes vegan sources also include:

  • Sweet Heat
  • Cocktail
  • Allow sauce
  • Bold BQ.

Baguette – Baguette is prepared using simple ingredients and is traditionally a vegan friendly option. You can enjoy this fast food with grits and some apple sauce for a robust meal.

Jalapenos – Popeyes jalapeños purity will attract you as they are simply chopped up in a cup. But you can try the jalapeno with a baguette and some vegan sauce to make it spicy and fiery.

Beverages – Popeyes have provided various classic tonics and beverages for vegan which include:

  • Diet Coke
  • Unsweetened Tea
  • Orange Juice
  • Fanta Strawberry
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Coffee etc.

Corn on the Cob – Vegan at Popeyes is incomplete without corn on the cob which is well known for its savoriness. You can prefer eating this as a snack or a vegan lunch. Just ensure not to add butter.


To sum up, I would like to say that Popeyes fries are not vegan as they are fried in the same oil that the meat is cooked in. Moreover, the fries also contain a sauce named Worcestershire which is prepared using pickled fish. But Popeye offers some comfortable vegan options like jalapenos, baguettes and sausages which are enough to enjoy your meal.

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