10 Best Restaurants San Antonio Riverwalk【2023 Updated List】

If you are asking about the most popular identity or eye-catchy asset along with the hunger burst smell in the environment, then you wish to know about the Best Restaurants on San Antonio Riverwalk. Even though the San Antonio Riverwalk drags plenty of tourists towards its historic beauty but they can’t forget the taste quench for their taste buds.

Best Restaurants San Antonio Riverwalk

10 Best Restaurants on San Antonio Riverwalk

While enjoying the river fun through the kayak (a narrowboat for an individual), one must love to explore the delicious foodstuff smell spread around in the courtyards of the Best Restaurants San Antonio Riverwalk.

  1. The Airplane Restaurant
  2. Bella On The River
  3. Supper
  4. Tre Trattoria
  5. Domingo Restaurant
  6. Ocho
  7. Acinar
  8. Elsewhere Garden Bar & Kitchen
  9. The Esquire Tavern
  10. Schilo’s Delicatessen

How to Discover the Restaurants San Antonio Riverwalk?

You can get relaxed as you are in the core center of the taste paradise with a variety of dishes with one or the other expertized area to serve you the best through the “Best Restaurants San Antonio Riverwalk”. There is a vast number of choices available but few are at the topmost hike-ups!

1. The Airplane Restaurant

One of the topmost service provider restaurants with the secret menu items to satisfy your every quench with endless flavor. You can fetch the taste at 719-570-7656.

What services will you get here?

  • There are plenty of dishes for lunch and dinner as per the category to enjoy.
  • The  Chicken delight triggers the taste buds to get into the divine delicious golden brown world of taste with the companion sauce in lunch.
  •  Chicken tenders are seasoned, like a fighter pilot, and deep-fried to a golden brown.
  • Cheesy Spinach Artichoke dip and grilled chicken breast with burger and steak can give you a vast range to select as per the taste.
  • There are various patterns of salad for taste and nutrition to make you feel delighted.
  • Even the dinner holds the lunch choices along with the Breaded mozzarella sticks and other varieties to check on.

The taste is in the queue of heavenly dishes to serve you the best of nature and culture even on special demand in holidays too.

2. Bella On The River

If you are in search of a place to have your privacy concerned along with the celebrations for the special dates like birthdays or anniversaries, etc. Contact at 210-404-2355 or move to 106 Riverwalk San Antonio, TX-78205 for the hungry treat.

The Unfolded happiness in taste can have:

  • It has the southern European base of taste and flavor for the mouth-watering aroma.
  • The presented table of dishes can have the cheese plate, special pasta along with lamb chops for the tinkling tongue.
  • The Eggplant Josephine can grab your attention to lick.
  • The bite must be swallowed via the wide range of wines.

Now the downtown spacious restaurant is ready with the awesome aroma quench for your taste nuggets. Grab it!

3. Supper

The originality of the fresh farm ingredients to the table is the core behind the success of Supper. The traditional flavor can be tasted at 136 E Grayson St., San Antonio, TX-78215, or else communicate through 210-448-8351 for the same.

Supper can have for you:

The conventional American thirst can be revealed via innovative dishes.

  • You will get all the essential the meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day.
  • Starters with mouth liking crispy cauliflower and sprouts combined with the caramel popcorn and chilly honey get continued with the green lettuce and many more in the array.
  • The cocktails embrace the House-made Irish cream with the amalgam of Merit Martini along with the variety in the menu list.

To explore the bunch of clusters of framed meals with creativity in taste must visit the divine.

4. Tre Trattoria

It’s a great trendy Italian food leader among the fast-growing restaurants of San Antonio Riverwalk. You can easily find it in the SAMA (San Antonio Museum of Art) just a little ahead with 200 W Jones Ave #501, San Antonio, TX-78205, or make a call at 210-805-0333.

You may be surprised with the expertise:

  • It has the delicious compartments for a single to the family-style main course and the fast food.
  • The melting sense of pasta in the mouth gets accompanied by the touch of pizzas to get the meal completed.
  • Even the variety may go ahead with the Balsamic onion, saba, and pistachio with Goat cheese pizza.
  • The wild Mushroom Risotto takes your taste burst to another level.

No one can be left hungry at the restaurants by the explosion of fantastic aroma and the taste.

5. Domingo Restaurant

In case you are tired of the hot weather and want relaxation by choice then the absolute freedom can be at the restaurant with the stuff quench and many more additions ahead. The 123 N St. Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX-78205 can take you to the delicious treat or you might get it on 210-404-7516.

Let’s meet the flavor twist of Domingo:

  • The meals may include breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and if you want desserts or other menu items on demand.
  • Mexican shrimp cocktail along with tacos like pork carnitas with variants may touch the flair of amazing delite.
  • The entrees may welcome you with the chicken varieties like a crispy chicken with the signature cocktails such as Signature Margarita, etc. with a range of wines to satisfy your thirst.

If you got bored of the same type of routine meals, must get the touch of innovative creativity of dishes ever.

6. Ocho

A great site in Hotel Havana, the Ocho is famous for its uniqueness in stuff building formulas to get you the best of all around with the traditional touch of concern. You can leap at 1015 Navarro St., San Antonio, TX-78205, or contact 210-222-2008.

The possibilities of the offer provided:

  • It plots the table with the Mexicanand Classic Texas trends with Cuban culture to offer Pan- Latinamalgam cuisine.
  • The Jumbo cocktails may lighten the rising temperature with taste.
  • Texas Bacon burger along with the Buffalo Chicken wings combined with the Caprese salad give a heavenly texture of quench.
  • Mojito and many more additions may grab your attention further for the unforgettable experiences of taste and riverwalkgestures.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as the late-night snacks, can be a surprise treat for your hunger and thirst.

7. Acinar

If you are zeal to search for the combined gesture of a delicious Tex-Mex meal, then you are at the right place. The elevator takes you to 146 E Houston St., San Antonio, TX-78205 or even you can fetch at 210-222-2362.

What all you can get in the meal:

  • The awesome guacamole with the fresh fish tacos delight may attract you to the table deliberately.
  • The Margaritas can have a wide range to select even from 3 to 6 pm can be the cheap margaritas order duration.
  • CocktailsSpeciality from the Bacardi Mojito to the blaster taste fountain of roasted pork and to be continued with the list.
  • The posters of Acenar Bread Pudding 9 give the sweet flavor of joy with variety.

So, when the meals along with the combos of cheese enchilada with the companionship of Mexican rice and refried beans with beef or chicken fajita may bring you there with a watery mouth to grab!

8. Elsewhere Garden Bar & Kitchen

If you want to enjoy the food with an awesome drink then laid back restaurant is having a beer garden for you. Take a ride to 103 E Jones Ave, San Antonio, TX-78215, or call at 210-446-9303.

The amalgam of fresh ingredients to serve you the best:

  • The staff is on the tradition to handpick the fresh local ranches or from the farmer’s contact to collect the required ingredients.
  • You can get the glance of a burger with the tough partnership of chicken sandwiches.
  • The tacos have the lead to Philly cheesesteaks for the awesome delite of aroma.

Here is the food to have in peace with the favorite drinks within the calm and cozy environment of San Antonio Riverwalk.

9. The Esquire Tavern

The oldest bar famous for being the well-known largest wooden bar in Texas may be your destination point ever. Have a look at 155 E-Commerce St., San Antonio, TX-78205, or fetch 210-222-2521.

The menu options may include:

  • The flair of home-ready chips with deviled eggs and grilled cheese sandwich keeps the bound flavor of taste together.
  • The special treat of shrimp cocktails with the cold touch of bear along with the chili salt fries with bison burger completes the never-ending zeal.
  • Pulled pork sandwiches along with soups and salads may enhance the taste of the dish or may twist with the other options of wines.

Try to explore more dining options with innovative dishes for an extraordinary experience of trust.

10. Schilo’s Delicatessen

One of the old but the best service provider restaurants with a great variety of foodstuff for various categories of customers. So just take a quick step to 424 E-Commerce St., San Antonio, TX-78205, or contact 210-223-6692.

The aroma with the reflection of taste:

  • The servings are based on the German traditions for the taste bud’s satisfaction.
  • The well-known place for the root beer along with the Reuben sandwiches and hot mustard.
  • The soups range can have the delicious sensation of split pea soup but an omelet can also get included.

So, to enjoy the varieties along with the breakfasts or mimosas just visit the oldest trend for German taste.


Hope you got an idea of the range of awesome foodstuff with the cocktail varieties in the Best Restaurants San Antonio Riverwalk. So, visit and share your experiences or suggestions to encourage us to come up with another set of related valuable information for you!

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