What is Special in Pink Whitney Drink? Ingredients List

If you are fond of tasting drinks with innovations then you might love the mouth-watering Pink Whitney Drink. The refreshing drink will capture the taste buds with the amalgam of quench for the ingredients to unfold.

Pink Whitney Drink

The drink is one of the most demanding flavored vodkas. You can be the chef on spot by experiencing the expertise of the homemade drink despite getting tired of standing and waiting for your turn in the restaurant.

But how to make it? We are here to assist you from ingredients to procedure with the additional secret tips to grab the array of flavors from a single with the twist of other ingredients mix.

What is Special in Pink Whitney Drink?

The pink lemonade vodka drink is the reflection of New Amsterdam Vodka. The name is inherited from Ryan Whitney, an old name of NHL players to initiate the growing lead to the hockey podcast. That’s the reason behind the popularity of the drink besides taste.

Pink Whitney Drink satisfied the thirst but not the zeal to taste that is on repeated demands. The perfect proportion of the ingredients mash-up may present you with the party drink at home in a while.

Ingredients of Pink Whitney Drink

The friendly exposure of “Pink Whitney Drink” may drag your attention to the ingredients list that will shift you to start with the process ahead. Before moving forward with what to mix with pink Whitney we must have a look at the ingredients with the attached ratio to retain the fabulous taste of the mesmerizing drink.

  • Ingredients Showcase

We just need a few countings on your fingers for the ingredients that are in the control area of your home kitchen. Let’s go through the table for the instant click of the ingredients.

Vodka2oz (1-2 shots)
Lemon juiceAs per the taste
Ice cubes5 to 6 cubes
Pink lemonade6 oz or 3/4 cup
Dried lemonAs much is required to garnish

Besides all the above-mentioned ingredients, you just need a large bottle or a cup with a tight lid but it’s better to have a cocktail shaker for a perfect finishing.

How to Mix Pink Whitney Drink?

Are you ready to conquer the kitchen table for the same delicious mouth-licking drink of Pink Whitney?  Do not hesitate just start the journey with us!

Step 1: Mix and match of Ingredients

  • First of all, pick up the bottle or cup with the lid.
  • Now add vodka to it and then provide the fusion of pink lemonade to the liquid.

Step 2: Shake it well

  • Now, you can have the lemon juice included in the cup and seal the lid to shake it vigorously till you fetch the perfect appearance of Pink Whitney.

Step 3: Garnish the pink beauty

  • As the mixture is ready, dip down a few cubes in another cup after transferring the drink and decorate the drink with lemon slices.
  • Fix a straw to make it ready to celebrate the eye-catchy palatable self-made drink with friends.

So, you are the chef of that day. Enjoy the premier treat with pride!

Secret Tips to the Savor

Right now you have prepared the well-known drink with the combination of vodka and pink lemonade with a few more touchups.

Here we have something special to share with you to have the twist to make the same drink more refreshing and multi-flavored. Peep inside the points to catch it!

  • By adding a pinch of flavor to the Pink Whitney shot you can welcome the starburst candy.
  • Pink Whitney itself is an awesome sweet drink that can be enjoyed alone. In case you want a mild sweetness then by adding club soda or seltzer you can retain the dilute version of your favorite divine
  • A little more chilled Pink Whitney may reveal like Pink Whitney Martini in taste.
  • You can mix Pink Whitney in Cosmopolitan cocktail to fix the party at home with the magical cocktail delight.
  • The Pink Whitney can be mixed with different ingredients to produce a distinctive taste. You can use lemon-lime soda, lemonade, orange juice grapefruit juice, cola, cranberry juice, hot tea, iced tea, and all that you feel like can be the best fit for the mix.

Bottom Line

Are you planning to prepare the Pink Whitney Drink with your style of mouth burst recipe? Go for it with the assistance of the ingredients above and do share your valuable suggestions in the comment section with us.

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