What is on Wendy’s 2 for $6 Menu? Mix-and-Match Deal

Are you looking for a quick and tasty meal with the best quality at just $6? Well, then Wendy’s is here to offer everything you need. Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal is one of the most popular deals offered by this restaurant. They offer several breakfast items, Meal deals, and combos throughout the day to satisfy their hungry customers.

Wendy’s have all the fast-food items from Bacon Burger, Chicken Nuggets to classic Vanilla Frosty available at affordable cost. So, if you are in the mood of trying a Chicken Sandwich or a Cheesy burger today then it is your que to try Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal!

Wendy's 2 for $6

What is Wendy’s 2 for $6?

Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal is one of the most popular fast-food deals you can get around. With just six dollars, you can try two tasty Wendy’s burgers or chicken sandwiches based on your choice. Although this deal is available for a limited time you can take a great advantage of it and try your favorite burger by saving money into your pocket.

With this Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal, you can select any two delicious entrees from their special menu just for $6. Wendy’s 2 for $6 menu includes delicious items like Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Dave’s Single burger,10-Piece Chicken Nuggets and Medium Lemonade.

You can get to choose two of their iconic Dave’s Single burgers or any two entrees they offer for $6. So, if you are someone who loves to save a few bucks on your weekend dinners then Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal is worth trying.

Wendy’s Menu 2 for $6 Specials

Wendy’s offers many delicious options to select what you love from their menu. So, check out the list of items offered on Wendy’s 2 for $6 Menu here.

  • Dave’s Single
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • 10 Pc. Chicken Nuggets
  • MediumStrawberry Lemonade

Wendy’s 2 for $6 Menu Items

You can choose any two Entrees from the Wendy’s 2 for $6 menu featured in your location. Knowing more about items offered on their menu is essential before selecting the items. Here is more information about the items on Wendy’s 2 for $6 menu.

  • Dave’s Single

This freshly prepared cheesy burger is composed of beef patty, American cheese, vegetables and mayo. Wendy’s is all about tasty burgers and this Dave’s Single is a perfect pick for all the burger lovers out there.

  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The queen of spice is here to heat up your Winter. Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a combination of chicken breast marinated and breaded with Wendy’s blend of fiery spices and added crisp lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Make sure to order a Lemonade to compensate the perfect taste of Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

  • 10 Pc. Chicken Nuggets

Although nuggets are simple and perfect, chicken nuggets featured by Wendy’s is an ideal pick for every chicken lover. The flavorful sauces ranging from Ghost Pepper Ranch or BBQ is sure to spice your life.

  • Medium Strawberry Lemonade

Ordering a refreshing twist of sweet drink to sip on with burger or the Spicy Sandwich can be absolutely relishing. Wendy’s lemonade is purely natural and flavored with real strawberries.

What are the Famous Deals of Wendy’s?

Wendy’s is always known for coming up with amazing deals to make its customers happy and satisfied. Here are few exciting and popular deals of Wendy’s. Be certain to check out the availability of these deals in your nearest Wendy’s before you head out.

  1. Crispy Chicken BLT Biggie Bag: With this deal you can choose Chicken Nuggets, a small soft drink, small fries and any sauce. And you can also get your choice of sandwich just for six dollars. Make sure to order this to enjoy your evening.
  2. Crispy Chicken Biggie Bag: With this deal you can get a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Jr. Natural-Cut Fries, a soft drink and 4 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets just for five dollars.
  3. Jr. Cheeseburger – 4 for $4 Meal: With this 4 for $4 deal, you can get a Jr. Cheeseburger, 4 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Any Soft drink of your choice and Jr. Natural-Cut Fries with a selection of dipping Sauce.


So, try two popular menu items just for the price of one with Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal and save money on your favorite fast-food. You can also find Wendy’s menu with prices and nutritional values of the food they offer on their official website. This is all about Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal, Have a great day folks!

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