KFC $20 Fill Up Box Deal is Back Again【2023 Famous Family Bowl】

Are you a great fan of all the crispy fried chicken recipes from KFC? Well, then this article is designed for you. The KFC $20 Fill Up Deal is a popular meal which is back on their menu with your favorite options. This meal deal is designed to make your family dining experience incredible with the generous portions they offer at an affordable price.

KFC $20 Fill Up

 KFC is always known for ensuring that there is something for everyone. Next time you find yourself craving some spicy chicken, remember that KFC offers you various deals to save a few bucks. So, Let’s dive into details of this deal to know more about the KFC $20 Fill Up Menu.

What is KFC $20 Fill Up Box Deal?

If you are thinking what this KFC $20 Fill Up Meal Menu and dealis about, then here are the details. With this deal you can get four signature items from KFC Menu for just $20. That means everyone at your table can enjoy a full meal that includes Nuggets, Crispy Fried Chicken, Fries, Biscuits and Sauces.

This menu is perfect for enjoying various items with family and friends. So, visit your nearest KFC location today to take advantage of this deal today.

What is on the KFC $20 Fill Up Menu?

The KFC $20 Fill Up Box Menu features a wide range of options that will leave you feeling full and happy. KFC Menu Offers you various dishes which include Crispy, grilled and original recipes of chicken. So, here are the items included in this KFC meal Deal.

  • 12-piece Chicken Nuggets: KFC Chicken Nuggets are made up of chicken meat which are hand-breaded and tossed with KFC’s Original herbs and spices. They are simple yet tasty and crunchy on the outside.
  • 4-pieces of Crispy Fried Chicken: Crispy Fried Chicken at KFC is all time favorite of all Kentucky chicken lovers. The perfect double-breaded texture on the outside is all about crispiness that is added to chicken. They are fried until the chicken turns golden and crunchy. Try with your favorite dip for a relishing experience.
  • Fries: Fries at KFC are incredibly crispy and tasty for their texture. They are served with dipping sauces and fried golden until they are soft on the inside.
  • Biscuits: KFC biscuits are perfectly golden on outside and made up of a moist stuff on the inside. They are crumbled and savory to taste.
  • Dipping Sauces: The dipping sauces at KFC are all about flavors of dips featured on menu. They are mouth-watering and finger-licking good. You can customize them based on your choice.

Is KFC $20 Fill Up Deal Still Available?

Well, KFC $20 Fill Up Deal is available from 30th of June 2023 for a limited time in most of the participating KFC locations. Whether you are dining alone or with your family, the KFC Fill Up meals are a great option to consider any day.

Latest KFC Deals

In addition to the KFC Fill Up Deal, KFC offers you various deals and promotions on their menu items. With these KFC deals you can enjoy your favorite KFC dishes at discounted prices. So, checkout the KFC Menu Offers detailed here.


The free beverage bucket deal is pretty simple and interesting for the menu they offer you. First, order 12 Piece Chicken Tenders Meal with 3 large sides of your choice, 6 dipping sauces and 6 biscuits. Now KFC gives away a Free Beverage Bucket. This is a limited-time deal.


With this perfect family meal deal you can get 2 drums, 2 thighs, 2 breasts and 2 wings with your choice of chicken tenders at an affordable price. This special offer is available on their official website and can be ordered online.


The KFC $20 Fill Up Deal is a fantastic option for anyone craving a delicious and satisfying meal during any time of the day. So, Head over to your nearest location and treat yourself with more crispy chicken with various KFC Deals. Have a great day guys!

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